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Saturday, June 24, 2006


OK, the hedgehog's new name is gordito... for little fatty. cuz, he's a little fatty. haha. so are my cats...

Friday, June 23, 2006

bastard blogger

so i just did this fantastic post... but it got eaten by the evil computer blog eating monster. here are some pictures. i'll deal with the descriptions later.

the happiest day?

I just read that June 23rd is supposed to be the happiest day of the year for the most people... so happy happiest day(???)

i haven't done much knitting recently. it's just been to warm to knit. i did however make a wonderful batch of cookies today. i will post pictures and more info about them, but i can't reveal too much info just in case the person who the cookies are for reads this... needless to say, they're delicious.

i can however say, that the cookie-ing was quite a process. i wanted to make them the other night, but it's been so damn hot and humid here that the dough just went -flop- and didn't do much of anything. so i had to put it in the freezer/fridge so it would chill. the a/c is working so the cookies got made and frosted.

ok, peace.

oh, and when i get unlazy i'll post pictures of the butt-peach (like the butt-shrooms... check out

screw it... here's the butt and a taste of ungordo.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Gordo on a diet

Sorry about no posting for a while, there's been no knitting as school was winding down and moving was winding up. Anyways, today my sister and I headed to one of my favorite yarn stores and i brought the hedgehog. I thought that since it was the store where I was inspired to knit the hedgehog, i would bring it to show the people. although, they seemed less than impressed. the knitting lady people said i should have felted it more... yada yada yada, but they did say he was cute and soft. i got home and decided to un-seam gordo and un stuff him and take off the eyes and nose and i felted him again. it worked much better this time. hot water + dawn dish soap + agitation only + gordo in a pillowcase = nice felting. i've restuffed him for the shaping/drying process and it looks like it's going to be quite a victory. his body is now nicely felted, and he's actually shrunken to a respectable size (hence the gordo on a diet thing). i'll deal with pictures when he's done... again.

while at the yarn store, i decided to look at some more patterns for felted items and i've found my new project... fiber trends pattern 207x... felted llamas and alpacas!!! :) they're adorable! i've decided to go with lambs pride bulky yarn, a nice wool/mohair blend in M-151 chocolate souffle. The pattern called for either 2 strands of worsted weight yarn that would be held together and knit or one strand of bulky, i liked the dark brown color that i found in the bulky, so that decision was made for me. i'll let you know how this goes.

my sister and i also each picked up one skein of Diakeito japanese ribbon-ish yarn. an acrylic/nylon blend in color 603. the plan for this is a quick headband, it should knit up nicely.

and as if these projects aren't enough, i am going to grab something from my yarn stash and knit up another chapstick holder for one of the chapstick pot things... should be good times.

that's all in my world of knitting, but i think it's enough.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I'm done with the hedgehog... ta-daaaaaaaaaah. I got some nice buttons for eyes and the nose. The ladies at the yarn store were excited to see the hedgehog since they'd seen the pattern. But they were kind of the typical old school knitters. (fekster and cabbage you know what i'm talking about...)

At dinner this evening my friends decided that the hedgehog should be named Gordo (which = fat in spanish... it works since he's... umm, marshmallow-esque).

I also threw together a chapstick holder... finally. Not terribly hard. I used a basic acrylic yarn and knit on 4s... knit one row purl one row and then just stitched it up. Functional and fun.

So the important question... what next??? :-P

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The felting!

Ok, so i lied. i said i was going to felt tomorrow, but the greater knitting power said "there's no time to felt like today". so i did. Jamie was kind enough to let me use her washing machine... and we were both quite curious as to how the furry litte bastard was going to turn out. I decided to go with the hedgehog in a zippered pillowcase in the hot water with a squirt of yellow dish-soap... agitation only. And the felting went well, although it destroyed the pillowcase. I think the pillowcase was to blame though, not the felting process.

Anyways, now the hedgehog is drying out. Filled with fiberfill for appropriate shaping. He got big... real big. I can't wait till he's all the way dry, then I'll go on the hunt for eyes.

It's still been a positive process up to this point. Ok, so here are some details you might want: The pattern is from Fiber Trend, pattern 228x. Like I said, i used the super yak by karabella yarns in color 10207 for the body, and i used Galway pure wool worsted weight in color 9 for the paws. I think i lost the wrapper for the yarn snob fun-fur... but it worked well...

The hedgehog process...

I am in the middle of working on a knitted hedgehog and I'm very proud of him. I knit the grey body out of super-yak yarn and the furry part out of some yarn-snob equivalent of fun-fur. Although, his furry part is much softer than run of the mill fun-fur. I will get more specific with actual brand name and colors later. The entire thing is knit on 10.5 or 11 24" needles. I think for the grey part it could've been done on straight needles... but for the furry back part you have to use the ciruculars. The instructions were pretty decent, although, there were a couple of times I had no idea what I was doing. I just put faith in the pattern (and the advice I got from Jen after calling her frantically) It was actually a pretty quick knit too... only took me a week of knitting time. I thought it would be longer, so that was a nice surprise.

I have yet to felt him, that's going to have to wait until tomorrow. It will be my first felting experience. But I'm feeling prepared. I got a zippered pillowcase the other day, and I've got a clothes washer to use, and some soap and stuff... here's to hoping it goes well. I just have to figure out what I want to do for a nose and stuff.

The first picture in the top left is when I had just started the furry part of the back. I think the true "hedgehog-ness" started to appear after working the paws and starting the back, so that was exciting. And the other 2 are of the fully knitted hedgehog prior to felting. (he has a belly button, that will be dealt with after the felting)

again, wish me luck with the felting.

Day one of Beast's Knits

Hello. So I was inspired by Jen being inspired to create not just another boring ol' blog, but a knitting blog. Now I can share what I'm up to when it comes to knitting (and maybe some other creative-ish things).

So that's me (as I point up to the picture) in a hat that I knit. It was knit on nice bamboo circulars. I love knitting hats, they're incredibly easy to make and they pack so nicely in a bag. Wonderfully transportable. Anyways, the hat is great because it matches a lovely vest that I've got, the only thing is that I don't like to wear hats...

I've decided to devote an individual post to my hedgehog, which has been my major knitted adventure recently. So as far as other creative-ish things in my life... I made a blueberry buckle yesterday, I haven't tried it yet, I hope it's good. Although, the recipe is pretty easy and it hasn't failed me yet.