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Monday, August 07, 2006


hi. look. new font. allrighty, picking one and sticking with it. so i've got a couple additions that you should enjoy... here goes:

in the past 2 weeks i've made pancakes twice, and i generally don't make them all that often, so i'm taking it as a sign to share my recipe (although, i didn't actually use this recipe on either occasion because all ingredients were not available, however, this one is THE BEST PANCAKE RECIPE EVER) it's complements of so check it out also if you want.

2 1/2 cups all purpose flour (or better yet, i use 1/2 whole wheat flour and 1/2 regular... sooooooooo good)
2 tablespoon sugar
2 tablespoon baking powder
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
1 teaspoon salt
2 1/2 cups soymilk (i use milk because it's what i normally have on hand)
(i also usually throw in a splash of vanilla extract because it makes things delicious)

Directions: Lightly mix all ingredients in a fairly large bowl; Its important only to mix the batter enough to moisten, as overmixing will make the pancakes tough. Gently fold down; let it sit for like 3 minutes if you get the chance, and gently fold down again. (It doesn't usually bother, since everyones starving!) Cook medium to medium-high on an oiled skillet till golden, carefully breaking apart any large lumps with the spatula. Serve immediately.

Just a warning: this recipe makes a lot a lot of pancakes. if it's just you, make a half batch... but i always forget to do that so i end up with like 50 pancakes. but if you do that, then toss them in some saran wrap and toss them in the freezer. then on a day when you don't want to make breakfast just throw them in the toaster. i can't explain how good these things are. i kind of want to make some now... dang.

here's the second recipe for AUSTRALIAN PASTA SPECIAL!

this recipe comes from forbesy, cuz she brings it to lunch all the time and it is such a visually appealing meal that i just had to make it...

-cook some pasta
-cut up some small tomatoes (cherry tomatoes or the like)
-wash and lightly cook some spinach
-get some feta cheese (liz always has blocks that she cuts, but i got mine pre-chunked up, it's easier)
-obtain some pesto sauce
-mix everything and add some salt and pepper (it's best if you have coarsly fresh ground pepper, but that's all because bek has turned me into a pepper snob)

it's good hot, but it's good cold. and that's my australian pasta special.

and the reason that your mascot is still a nut is because of an interesting lunch conversation (oddly enough, the conversation was held over a container of pasta special). the mascot for the ohio state university is brutus the buckeye... and this kid who works in my lab is an OSU fiend, (not like i get it... penn state is so much better... but i digress) anyways, he was talking about how his school is so amazing and he was just kind of running at the mouth, so liz gave him a verbal what-for and said "your mascot is still a nut" which is true and very funny. and then the kid got real pouty, which was funnier.

i need your help. i need some new music... i'm listening to nickelcreek right now, but i need something new. help. i went to borders and noble tonight to get a book for school (starts in less than 2 weeks... meh) and the lady at the cash register was like, "oh this looks like a great read, should be really fun" i'm like "it's about a doctor dealing with the AIDS epidemic" she was like "oh, have fun" strange people... seriously.

i'm out. gotta do some reading, and then some sleeping. peace yo's.


Blogger bek said...

we are the buckeyes, the fucking killer nuts...yeah! and this weekend may just have to be pancake weekend. yay weekend.

6:41 PM  
Blogger Cabbage said...

Neko Case. Tegan and Sara. my kitties. my ninja kitties.

4:04 AM  
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