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Friday, September 08, 2006

i can't believe i forgot the marching band

my school is INSANE. did you know that? those of you reading this probably do know that my school is insane. so we are made up of classes of about 120 per class... it's not big. we don't have sports. we only have 1 bookstore and the cafeteria is closed far more often than it is actually open. everything at my school is in an acronym. we don't have sports. yes, i know i said that already, but we don't have sports. but someone got the brainy idea to make-up a football team. being a big-10 college grad, you just don't do things like make-up football teams. but they did at my med school. and they gave us shirts and they faked captains and players and plays and everything. and today they had a "pep ralley" and we were told to wear our shirts. so we all parade into the cafeteria at lunch time (eating at lunch is a normal thing) and the school dean get's on the mic and says that there's a surprise... wtf. in MARCHES the marching band from the local high school. i've never been in a cafeteria with a marching band. i gotta admit, i kind of liked it. i still like real football better, but this was just damn amusing. i'll try and score some pictures of that too... just so you can see i'm not making it all up.


Blogger bek said...

here's what i think...i bet that the commie football team would do better than the pissers! osu wins, psu loses...and who graduated from where? oh yeah. that's right :)

3:58 PM  

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