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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

it's good to be home

hi. how y'all doing? i'm good, sick of driving cuz i did a lot of it this weekend... (take a look at the picture, that's how i feel about driving right now) but it was all worth it... just don't ask me to drive 1000 miles in one weekend again. i didn't study at all this weekend which was cool at the time, but is kicking my ass right now. you try and memorize all the info in the "bug parade" whatevs. anyways, i haven't done much cooking recently, but my grandmother gave me a magazine and it had some awesome recipes. my next cooking adventure is going to be from vegetarian times and it's an asian inspired dish with edamame, carrots, scallions, spinnach, sesame seeds, sesame oil, noodles and other delicious ingrediants. it was the cover recipe from a few months ago, i'm sure mine won't look quite as gorgeous as the magazine, but it's going to be fantastic anyways. i'll post pictures.

gotta go study more... peace.


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