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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

beaten up

i am getting beaten up by my dog. she has puppy paws with puppy claws and puppy fangs and puppy amounts of energy and the inability to understand no. so now it looks like i was in a fight with something sharp and i lost. i'm tired. i don't want to study. i have convinced myself that i can't study anymore. perhaps it is because i still have another week until my exam. and i have my poster session in 2 days. the poster is more on my mind. i hope it goes well because i want to go to houston. that would be fun. especially when someone else pays for it.

ps. go to olive garden with good friends and have one of them hit on the waiters (regardless of if the waiters are male or female) it's good times and they bring lots of mints for the entire table (which kind of sucked because the mints had chocolate and i've still got 8 ish months of no chocolate) and i'm boycotting 23.


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